$16,000,000 raised


$16M goal 


We did it! (October 7, 2021 update)

Exciting news: We’ve recently crossed the finish line for the ALL IN campaign. This collective achievement is the product of contributions from more than six thousand families and organizations around the world. We're so grateful! Learn more about the accomplishments ALL IN made possible — and the exciting opportunities now on the horizon — right this way.

For the first time, there is now a credible path to making chordoma a manageable disease — to treatments that don’t just slow the disease down, but that have a real chance of enabling patients to get on with their lives. With adequate investment, these treatments are years, not decades away.  

This is a profoundly significant opportunity for everyone whose life has been disrupted by chordoma. And it’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along often in the world of oncology.  

So what do you do when an opportunity like this emerges? You seize the moment. You swing for the fences. You go all in.  

ALL IN is our rallying cry. $16M is our goal.



A confluence of recent advances have created unprecedented opportunities to deliver the first effective treatments to chordoma patients in our lifetime.

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Realizing these opportunities will require at least $16M.

Through strategic investments and partnerships, these funds will enable us to leverage even greater resources from other entities including companies, foundations and government funding agencies.

$12M RESEARCH to advance the first brachyury drugs into the clinic, apply immunotherapy advances to chordoma, and systematically identify existing drugs that could help in the near term.

$2M HEALTHCARE IMPROVEMENT to enable treatment informed by the medical journey of every patient.

$2M PATIENT SERVICES to create a better experience for all affected.


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In addition to being the Achilles' heel of chordoma, brachyury is also implicated in progression, metastasis, and resistance to therapy in many other cancers — including breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancers. Hence, investments in brachyury drug discovery will yield new treatments that are likely to have an impact far beyond chordoma.


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"So much progress has been made in the ten years since I was diagnosed and I’m extremely hopeful about the future. That’s why I’m incredibly proud to be chairing the Chordoma Foundation’s ALL IN campaign."

— Joel Beckman, chordoma survivor, ALL IN campaign chair

"To me, the future of chordoma is very personal. As a survivor, my mission is to bring awareness, knowledge, and funding to the Chordoma Foundation to fast forward progress for a cure for all of us!"

—Stephanie Finley, chordoma survivor

"A cure is still urgently needed and we won't rest until it's found. That's why we support the Chordoma Foundation — because it's up to us to ensure a brighter future."

— Frank Fernandes, Sr., father of chordoma patient

"The definition of fighting is to engage in battle or in single combat. Stand up and fight Chordoma by getting involved with fundraising to help find a cure."

— Jeff Schilling, chordoma survivor

"The Chordoma Foundation campaign celebrates the astounding accomplishments of a passionate group of patients, family members, doctors, and researchers who have been ALL IN since the foundation’s birth. It is also an invitation to a broader community to join us in the fight, so we can all be ALL IN."

— Andrew Schoelkopf, CF Board of Directors

"Because of the Chordoma Foundation, I feel hopeful. When I was diagnosed there was no research or new treatments. We have come so very far and I trust we are close to significant progress for treatments. I am going ALL IN for chordoma because now is the time. We are finally within sight of a cure, which we desperately need."

— Sharon Berlan, chordoma survivor

Sharon Berlan

Special thanks to our campaign committee members for their leadership and generosity.

Joel Beckman, Chair

Alyssa Blume

Steve Mandel

Joe McGovern

Noreen Potempa

David Sandak

Andy Schoelkopf

Megan Stewart


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Change the odds for everyone affected by chordoma.

Go all in.