From the beginning, the Foundation’s story has been one of patients and families coming together to accomplish the improbable. After more than a decade, we continue to be inspired and grateful for the generous gifts of time, money, and hope that our Chordoma Champions provide. Join this growing community of supporters and help speed the path to better treatments, better care, and better experiences for everyone facing chordoma.

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It was amazing to have Team Chordoma and our fundraising effort grow once again. What has been so meaningful is the increasing involvement of the broader Chordoma Foundation community in making this event such a success. I look forward to engaging even more community volunteers and runners next year."

Steven Mandel, chordoma survivor

As captain of #TeamChordoma, Steve has led his team of runners in the Miami and Brooklyn Half Marathons since 2014, raising more than $350,000!

When I started to tell my story, people came out of the woodwork – family, friends, elementary school classmates, former teachers, people in the town where I grew up. It was incredible. So many people wanted to help.”

Maureen Schroer, chordoma survivor

Maureen first started her Champion page back in 2012 to share her story and give her friends and family an opportunity to rally around her. She has raised over $90,000 and counting!

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Your fundraising efforts – no matter the size – can have a great impact on chordoma research and care. Here are some examples of the types of impact that various fundraising levels can have.  


Provides one chordoma patient or family with personalized support from our Patient Navigators.


Sequences the genome of a chordoma tumor to uncover the genetic alterations that drive the disease.


Supports cell line distribution to 20 labs across the world, enabling research that would otherwise not be possible.

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As a patient-driven organization, our success depends on the initiative of supporters like you. Turn your passion into action to raise the funds needed to accelerate new treatments and provide vital support services to chordoma patients and families.  

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